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10 k Run! What a Fun!

10K?Run?You?Stop Kidding!I bet you… You’ll turn at 1 km… Nah… half km…. Better apply for a 2 day sick leave…How far are you planning to run?Me: [with a skeptic look] it’s a 10K Run… may be I’ll try atleast for 5-6 Kms. I could hear the muffed laughs…. But Athletes don’t care much ;)And one fine morning, the so called Necklace Road had Rubies on it!!The Rubies were kids, senior citizens, actors, athletes, nurses, kids with skates J and of course software engineers J J in red T-Shirts running along the Tank Bund..Most to be talked about are the handicapped participants with their aids at work and with no less spirit to win the race…. Hats Off Heroes!! I missed congratulating few L but yeah I did Thumbs up to one “Great Going!!” The live musical bands, cameras, News Reporters and kids cheering, (“go faster”, “run fast”) along the route … the experience was simple amazing!!... The kids made us feel like Olympic Marathon Runners … cheering and waving at us!! And at one fine movement I saw…