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Me Cooks!

I like to cook.This may be because my mom never allowed us to the cooking area at home and hence we fancy cooking or may be because I personally think there is lots of fun in cooking.
Thanks to them( there are actually lots to thank), I've been cooking for myself and things are coming out pretty well.

"Cooking is the process of preparing
food by applying heat, selecting, measuring and combining of ingredients in an ordered procedure for producing safe and edible food. The process encompasses a vast range of methods, tools and combinations of ingredients to alter the flavor or digestibility of food. Factors affecting the final outcome include the variability of ingredients, ambient conditions, tools, and the skill of the individual doing the actual cooking. "
{ Source: }

Now you see why its not really easy to accomplish a dish.

The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a star.Anthelme Brillat-S…

Home to Home Sweet Home

Ever since I've moved to my home I wanted to write about it.

I wouldn't say its my dream come true, but yes I was dreaming of my new home...
MY NEW HOME! Just the thought gives a reason for pride

It all started when my sis began tapping me to invest money.After a lil thought process I've decided to buy a flat.Things went rapidly until the home was only "Offically" mine and it took lil more than a few months to be mine physically too.

Now, comes the exciting part, GROOMING ....

I've been thinking and planning and debating with myself soooooooo much about this that i really didn't add a piece to my home. :)

aha! now that doesn't mean I've quit.. the ideas are still following.. and hopefully would break through into my Sweet Home! [Touch Wood]

Happy Homemaking

Eternal Love

I love him when he is ugly and beautiful...
I love him when he is calm and anxious...

I love him when he is happy and sad...
I love him when he is low and up...

I love him when he is kind and cruel..
I love him when he is angry and atpeace..

I'll love him when he'll be 80 and old..
I'll love him when he'll be weak and needs help..

I'll love him always as I love him today..
I'll love him until my last breath and after that...

P.S : There is no one as such yet! :-)

Do something COOL today!

Summer is like Summer, rainy Season is Summer and Winter is like SUMMER TOO...

Few year ago, we had an event in the midnight on a Feb day.I and my sister were shivering of cold, and praying not for the event to go on well, but for the event to shut down soon so that we could just buddle overselves in blankets and sleep.

It's winter here in India now.December-January is the time where the cold is at peak.
But, i see ACs and Fans running, the refridgerator is being used frequently, people go out for walk in the evenings and early mornings too...

You and I know, this is all because of "THE GLOBAL WARMING"....we feel it in the course of our daily lives.

I've been having this little guilty feeling when ever i feel and hear about global warming.I alone can't make a change, you alone can't too... but together.. we make a difference.

Lets resolve to do something COOL! and I have intended to do the following.

- No use of plastic, use Prepare paper bags
- Off all the applicane…


Study well… fair well in exams…
Get top score
Get your self a good job
I doubt there is a fella who hasn’t heard these words…

Let say…you join a good job which fetches you good lot of money…

You work hard…. . You get promoted and therefore what? Hike!!
Do what with hike… buy a new bike to get to work early or leave late.…
You earn more…get a luxurious car to get to work comfortably…
You buy a better mobile to work even when you are mobile….
You invest... you gain or lose... when you gain... you invest again…( I see both as problems though…)
Life goes on …..
And definitely one fine day …you take your one way trip to heaven…
you look back in your life and what do you see…
You earn…. spend it to earn more…. There might be few holidays sprinkled here and there.

All this is what was going in and out of mind… Is that all? Come on! There is indeed more to do in life!!!
Think over!

My attempt to Moon...

I've never done any kind of transactions or application processings in any bank, other than sitting on a bench, swinging my legs and waiting for my father until he's done with his business.
The time passed and here I am
To strengthen the cliche that national banks are more secure I ventured out to open an account in any national bank.
Presenting to you the details of encouter. :)
As I walked into the bank, I scanned the office for a "MAY I HELP YOU" board. Little dissapointed, I continued by interrupting a busily chatting person(who was supposed to be helping the customers)
me: can you tell me where can I get the application to open a new account
no response
me: excuse me
Him : (with "how dare u interrupt me" look ) yes
Me: where is accounts opening section
Him: you want to open an account here
me: yes, where should I be going?
Him: to ge the application form, you need to show the proof of your identity ID.
I showed him my passport
Him: ok, you can take the form , …

What to blog ?

Long time i didnt write anything on my blog, the reasons
- i wanted to write about lot of things
- i didnt find the best fractions
- busy with work , the last and the most important one..
- i am a lazy libran

Then one morning at work,I too nauseated with the amount of work i've been doing very recently, opened my laptop and a notepad. Lets write!

What to blog? lots of random topics grilled my brain...
started with one ... could satify myself .. moved to other and then the same..
finally came to the point.... asking myself why do people blog?
i do because i like talking, i like reading and hence writing too..

Coming back to What to blog?
What do people want to convey through a blog

(choose the correct answers)

they are too exicted and want to share everything and anything!
they are good at english and vocabulary and therefore....
they are lonely and hence wanted to vent out they thoughts through a blog
they want to say things they can't share
they want to educated their readers and fellow blogg…


My regime..

Fresh Fruit Juice
Real juice

Phew! /sweat
And you were on an impression that I don’t really eat :P


I n my frnds were returning from an wonderful and tiring outing.... in the journey back home my frnd asked Getting bored? , i said "mmmmm i'm jus fine... "
frnd1:lets play this game?
me: Game! :D yuhuuu yep!! ( i was seriously waiting for some excitement :) )
frnd1: ok i'll jus give u a line and u need to tell me the story behind it. u need to come up with the Qs whose answers will find clues to the story.. and my answers will be yes or no
me: tricky...
frnd1: its simple... lets start.. the story line is "A woman died at work"
me: yep awright!! i am set....
frnd1: even u can play frnd1 invited frnd2
me: i got started with... is she on night duty?
frnd1: no
me: was she killed by her colleague?
frnd1: yes
me: mm i knew it ... and is she rich? does she have lots of property? ( thinking that he might have killed for money )
frnd2: hey how will he inherit the property even if she has money????
me: mmmm yeah...
giggles went out there...
me: were they having some affair…

My Knight in Shining Armour...

The warmth of Whose words reminds how much he cares me...
The depth of Whose silence says his love for me..
and Whose hug reminds how protected i am ...He shalth be my Knight in shining armour to care and love me for ever and ever...
Waiting for my Knight!

and...they lived happily ever after...

Kisi Roz Tumse Mulaakat Hogi Kisi Roz Tumse Mulaakat Hogi Meri Jaan Us Din Mere Saath Hogi Magar Kab Na Jaane Ye Barsaat Hogi Mera Dil Hai Pyaasa Mera Dil Akela
Bhala Kaun Hai Vo Humein Bhi BataaoYe Tasveer Uski Humein Bhi Dikhaao Ye Kisse Sabhi Ko Sunaate Nahin Hain Magar Doston Se Chhupaate Nahin Hai Chhupaate Nahin Hai Tere Darde Dil Ki Dava Hum Karenge Na Kuchh Kar Sake To Dua Hum Karenge Na Kuchh Kar Sake To Dua Hum Karenge Dua Hum Karenge Tadap Kar Aayega Vo Tujhe Mil Jaayega Vo...

....Yeh raaten, yeh mausam, nadee ka kinara,yeh chanchal hawa... Kaha do dilon ne, ke milkar kabhi hum na honge judaa
Yeh kya baat hai, aajki chandni mein Ke hum kho gaye, pyaar ki raagani mein... Yeh bahon mein baahen, yeh behki nigahen Lo aane laga zindagi ka maza ... Yeh raaten, yeh mausam, nadee ka kinara, yeh chanchal hawa
Sitaron ki mehfil ne karke ishara Kaha ab to sara jahaan hai tumhara... Mohabbat jawaan ho, khula aasman ho Kare koi dil arzoo aur kya...Yeh raaten, yeh mausam,nadee ka kinara, yeh…

10 k Run! What a Fun!

10K?Run?You?Stop Kidding!I bet you… You’ll turn at 1 km… Nah… half km…. Better apply for a 2 day sick leave…How far are you planning to run?Me: [with a skeptic look] it’s a 10K Run… may be I’ll try atleast for 5-6 Kms. I could hear the muffed laughs…. But Athletes don’t care much ;)And one fine morning, the so called Necklace Road had Rubies on it!!The Rubies were kids, senior citizens, actors, athletes, nurses, kids with skates J and of course software engineers J J in red T-Shirts running along the Tank Bund..Most to be talked about are the handicapped participants with their aids at work and with no less spirit to win the race…. Hats Off Heroes!! I missed congratulating few L but yeah I did Thumbs up to one “Great Going!!” The live musical bands, cameras, News Reporters and kids cheering, (“go faster”, “run fast”) along the route … the experience was simple amazing!!... The kids made us feel like Olympic Marathon Runners … cheering and waving at us!! And at one fine movement I saw…